About Us


Brian Platter Photo

Owner and operator, Brian Platter, grew up in the suburbs of Western New York always finding ways to be artistic, whether it be sketching some drawing or writing music. In 2003 he graduated with a degree in Multimedia specializing in graphic design from ITT Technical Institute. Over a course of five years after college, Brian worked multiple technical support jobs at various companies before moving on to Al Ross Sport Screening as a graphic artist. Throughout his employment there he realized his potential as an artist and decided to open his own design firm. Six Shot Studios has been a passion for many years and is now a reality, specializing in all types of graphic design, websites and media.


Hailing from the outskirts of Buffalo, NY, this small design firm has flourished throughout the years by designing a vast array of projects from small businesses and music artists to writers and more. We sought out to provide a comfortable yet professional approach for our clients. Striving for a pleasant and communicative experience, we take passion in executing a project with precision and accuracy.


As with anything creative, time is always a variable. Due to this fact it makes it difficult to gauge just how long a project might take. We take many things into consideration when billing out projects. Not just with the initial concept and design, but as well as changes that may be requested. Once we gather all of the information towards the project, a price will be presented.


Aside from attempting to be competitive in a field as saturated as graphic design, we also like to keep the clients engaged by providing a quick turnaround. It’s possible that design concepts may be presented within a matter of days from the initial meeting. Once a concept is agreed upon we go to work on developing the first draft of the project. Each one is tailored specific to the client and their needs. With few exceptions, we are willing to work with you as much as possible until you are satisfied.